Monday, March 19, 2007

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Australian GP

The Australian grand prix held at Albert park was amazing. The Ferraris were clearly faster than the rest. Raikonen led the race starting from pole and went on to win the race easily.
While alonso who started in P2 was overtaken by lewis hamilton the rookie in the first corner and was in third till about 3/4th of the race was over till the second round of pitstops. Massa starting from 21st position in the grid due to gearbox problem followed by an engine change initially overtook a few cars but then staganated at around 15 16 position behind button and barichello who had cars which were a lot slower than the ferrari but somehow he managed to make his way up the order and finally finished in 6th place after following a one stop stratergy.
Fisichella who was not very impressive in qualifying with his renault slowly made his way up the order and finished the race in 5th. Overall the race was a really good one to start the season with. The Ferraris and the Mclarens set the pace while the bmw was close behind but the bmw did not have reliability and Robert Kubica did not Finish the race.

The post Michael Schumacher era

This blog is to discuss the formula 1 2007 season and the way formula 1 is post the michael schumacher era